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Boomerang TCR

has now come forth with even more amplified services in order to serve our prestigious clientele ever since the past four decades. Established in 1980, Boomerang TCR has elevated their scale from the local Australian market to serving a bigger purpose and many more people all across the globe. Our company specializes in providing high-quality products and services to fulfill all of your IT services needs along with consumables and other office equipment requiremenets. Ever since 1980, Boomerang TCR has maintained a very high reputation in the world of IT and all of the other divisions that come along with it – serving millions of customers directly has been an honor for the company and this is exactly what has allowed us to expand immensely in the past few years on a very global scale. Our clientele is thoroughly elated to work with us and receive our products and services actively, and our company honors the customer service that we provide when it comes to any sort of complaints, returns and other inquiries that might be instigated by customers.

Boomerang TCR

is proudly Australian with our two main offices located in Melbourne and Brisbane. Mainly, it is important to have excellent ink when you want to print photographs, professional documents or even pamphlets and so on – if the ink is low quality, the quality of the images that are printed will be affected in a negative light and this will result in a very bad impression. Our quality printer ink does the job right and eliminates the need for you to go anywhere else to purchase printer ink since you can get the best one online. Our ink cartridges are never patchy and have proven to provide a neat finish.

An Ethical Approach:

Boomerang TCR

wholly understandS the sustainability crisis that is ongoing in the modern day and age. Annually, it is observed that at least a billion printer ink cartridges are in the planet’s landfills which then hinders with the prosperity of the planet since it can take an entire millennium for the resin to decompose. Toner cartridges also contain toxic organic compounds (VOCs) that then land in the oceans, contaminating our water availability. Boomerang Imaging Supplies was formed in 1991, initially as a division of Gestetner Lasers and this was the first ever printing manufacturer to ship and promote the use of recyclable products. Furthermore, TCR (established in 1970 and the parent company that merged with Boomerang in 1999) is also known as one of the largest service-oriented manufacturers in the country that supplies recycled printer toner cartridges as well as other consumables in the country. Our innovation has always been relevant to improving sustainability and willing to create a difference.

Our Agenda:

Boomerang TCR

is determined to make a difference and also be innovative amidst the market that we are centered in. Our company agenda is structured in a very multipurpose manner. As you purchase the printer cartridges from us, you are also taking part in creating this difference. We are a company that actively participates in instigating positive change towards environment sustainability as part of our corporate social responsibility towards the planet we call home. More so, all of our supplies including cartridges and laser printers are brought in from Australian owned ink operated ink cartridge recycling, toner cartridge recycling, and printer cartridge recycling facilities. Similarly, with our offices located in Melbourne and Brisbane, we have trained specialists that are ready to host all of your queries and needs towards laser printer, fax, copier, and ink cartridge needs promptly and fluently. Here at Boomerang TCR, we are just as committed to customer service and support as we are to creating a cleaner and safer Australia.


Quality Toner Cartridges: Boomerang TCR

specializes in the remanufacture of toner cartridges for laser printers, specifically Reman and Genuine Toner Cartridges. As we recycle toner cartridges for printer ink we thoroughly quality test it prior to placing it in the production line.

Personalized 1-to-1 Services: Boomerang TCR

has made a proud tradition of providing the highest levels of quality and service to all of our customers. We are able to cater all segments of the population and all levels of customers including corporate and small businesses as well. Every entity is assigned an Account Manager to help you lodge in your purchases as well as look after the inventory. We assure that you will receive the attention of your own Account Manager as well as Technical Support specialists to help you when you need it most.

Printer Sales:

 Looking for the perfect printer? Look no further. Boomerang TCR Also deals in printers that suit your budget and meet your printing demands. Boomerang TCR offer new printers and refurbhished printer.

What is Managed Print Services?

MPS is a solution to your company’s printing needs, whatever the scale and nature of those requirements. In an MPS model, a third party manages your organisation’s printing operations and other document-based workflows.

This may mean:

  • Providing print hardware
  • Refreshing consumables such as parts and toner
  • Offering maintenance
  • Providing support
  • Developing a long-term print strategy
  • With the aid of data analytics, MPS providers can tailor their offerings over time to better suit your business’s needs

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