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Remanufacturer of Reman and Premium Toner Cartridges.

Environmentally ethical and committed to a cleaner and safer Australia.

An Environmentally Ethical Company

We are 100% Australian owned with offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth & Brisbane.

Whether you are printing photographs, pamphlets, or business documents, buying quality printer ink online is essential to maintaining a polished, professional image. The weak, patchy ink application that results from the purchase of inferior cheap ink cartridges online can seriously impact the way customers and clients perceive your business, so at Boomerang TCR we leverage our four-plus decades of experience in the ink cartridge refill and printer cartridge refill industry to bring you peerlessly smooth, robust ink.

At the same time, we know that when you’re looking for cartridge refilling services, you’re thinking about more than just finding cheap printer cartridges online: You also want to make sure that you minimise the impact your business’s printing activities are having on the environment. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place; Boomerang Imaging Supplies (formed in 1991 as a division of Gestetner lasers) was the first printer manufacturer to ship and recommend the use of recyclable products. Likewise, TCR (founded in 1970 and merging with Boomerang in 1999) helped to establish the cartridge recycling industry. Today, Boomerang TCR is one of the largest service-orientated manufacturers and suppliers of recycled printer toner cartridge supplies and other allied consumables in Australia.

Each year, it is estimated that over a billion (printer) ink toner cartridges wind up in our planet’s landfills, where they can take up to a millennium to decompose owing to their high resin content. Toner refill cartridges also contain toxic ingredients such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that wind up in our world’s oceans and waterways when we choose not to recycle printer cartridges. Additionally, making a single cheap toner cartridge can use up an entire gallon of oil and release 4.8 Kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In summation, choosing to recycle ink cartridges is the only way to ensure a responsible and sustainable printing industry.


Personalised Printer Servicing and Maintenance

The Boomerang TCR service division is a certified “one stop” printer repair and servicing solution capable of meeting all your repair and maintenance needs! It makes good sense that the people who supply your cartridges also service and repair your printing machines. When in need of printer repairs Melbourne businesses and individuals can rely on Boomerang TCR. And of course, because we’re supplying your cartridges, you can rest assured that we know your printers. Remember, at Boomerang TCR, we’re a printer (not printing alone) company—and we offer all of the following perks to our service division customers:

• We service almost any brand or type of printer, fax, or photocopier;
• We will respond to you within 8 working hours;
• All of our repairs and parts come with a 3-month Warranty;
• If the problem is caused by a Boomerang TCR toner cartridge, your service
is free of charge!

Other services provided by the Boomerang TCR Service Division provide include:

Like any appliance, printers can only do their best work when they are in good shape, so keeping your printing machines in good condition is essential. Implementing a preventative maintenance plan reduces the risk of parts in your printers wearing out prematurely and guarantees that your printers are working at peak performance when you need them most.

We supply the following services:

• Two scheduled “on-site” Preventative maintenance service calls;
• Unlimited fault calls;
• Parts incur additional costs;
• 3- month warranty on parts supplied;
• Response time within 8 working hours;

A pre-contract service is required to ensure that the printer is at optimal operating efficiency for the contract period with any necessary parts replaced or recorded as exclusion to the contract with a service charge applicable if the part is to be replaced. Our technicians will not replace any parts without first demonstrating the need and first obtaining your approval.

If you only have one or two printers, or feel that a Preventative Maintenance Contract will not be economical for your company, Boomerang TCR’s Service Division is great for casual or “Ad Hoc” servicing and repairs.

Our Service Division repairs “on-site”. Our technicians will work in the background to minimise interruptions to your busy business. If we are unable to fix your printer on-site, we will give you options to help you make decisions to replace the malfunctioning machine.

No matter what your printer repair and maintenance needs are, Boomerang TCR will find a way to meet and exceed your expectations.

When you buy ink cartridges from us, quality is completely assured—that’s the Boomerang TCR guarantee.

why recycle your printer ink cartridges?
printer servicing and maintenance

The Boomerang TCR Difference

When you buy printer cartridges from us, you are buying fully compatible ink cartridges from a company with a firm commitment to environmental sustainability. All of our toner cartridge refill supplies and laser printer cartridge supplies come from our 100% Australian owned and operated ink cartridge recycling, toner cartridge recycling, and printer cartridge recycling facilities. Likewise, with offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane, our trained specialists will be able to handle all of your laser printer, fax, copier, and ink cartridge needs promptly and fluently. Here at Boomerang TCR, we are just as committed to customer service and support as we are to creating a cleaner and safer Australia. We offer:


Quality Toner Cartridges

Boomerang TCR specialises in the remanufacture of toner cartridges for laser printers, specifically Reman and Premium Toner Cartridges. When we recycle toner cartridges and cartridges for printer ink refill, we make sure to carefully inspect each cartridge before it’s placed into our production line to be transformed into a Boomerang Premium or remanufactured cartridge. Every one of our refill ink cartridges receives only premium parts and is quality tested to ensure clear, crisp prints are produced every time.

Personalised Service

Boomerang TCR have a proud tradition of providing the highest levels of quality and service to all of our customers. Whether you are Corporate, Government, Small Business entity or a private individual, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will record all purchases and detailed hardware inventory on our customer database, allowing you to call and place your orders with confidence. We promise that you will receive the attention of your own Account Manager as well as Technical Support specialists to help you when you need it most.

Printer Sales

Looking for the perfect printer? Look no further: Boomerang TCR not only remanufactures toner refill cartridges, we also sell printers designed to suit your budget and meet your printing demands. Whether you wish to upgrade your existing printer or you are tired of the expense and inconvenience of changing cartridges, Boomerang TCR have two purchase options available.

You will receive the attention of your own Account Manager as well as Technical Support specialists to help you when you need it most.